Nice to Meet You

Hi! Welcome to our blog, Grounds for Travel; a slightly unfiltered effort to create a space to experience culture, share ideas, and converse about crazy-awesome coffee. We are Ally and Natalie. It is so nice to officially meet you!

Perhaps some of you are wondering how and why we started Grounds for Travel. We met at the beginning of our sophomore year of college, and over the course of two semesters became better friends. It should come as no surprise that our friendship grew over coffee (thank you, Chemex). That same year, we took a Spring Break trip to Seaside, FL. It was in this sweet city that we were inspired to create a blog about traveling. Roughly ten months later, we decided to launch Grounds for Travel in order to celebrate the diversity of culture and the unifying nature of coffee to extract all that the world has to offer. Our blog aims to inspire and inform like-minded travelers and coffee enthusiasts to experience life in a global setting (and in a caffeinated manner).

Our aspiration is that the Grounds for Travel culture will be one that fosters open conversation between seasoned and novice adventurers. We hope that if you join us on this travel-inspired and coffee-infused journey, you will remain open-minded and ready to get lost in the world around you. As Grounds for Travel, we promise to be genuine, transparent, and comfortable with embarrassing ourselves and let you see both the failures and successes in our travels. Hopefully, you can learn from our mistakes and accomplishments and use this knowledge to inspire your next adventure.

So please, continue with us on this journey, and along the way, if you have things, places, coffee shops, or tips you would like to share, we would love to hear from you. There are no dumb questions except the ones that remain unasked. We are glad that you are here.