Onyx Advent Calendar

Every year at the beginning of December, our families would bring out the much anticipated holiday advent calendars. For Natalie’s family, that meant celebrating each evening with a santa-inspired piece of chocolate hidden within a small cardboard calendar or a tiny house that required a miniature scavenger hunt to complete. Ally’s family, on the other hand, participated by adding new figurines to the oh-so-classic childhood felt nativity scene. But regardless of how we enjoyed the season each year, the memories associated with these moments continue to inspire warmth and excitement for what is ahead. So, what did we do this year? We are glad you asked!

Throughout all of our travel and crazy-awesome-coffee seeking adventures, we have looked for ways to bring the experiences home with us. And this year, that looked like partaking in the first ever Onyx Advent Calendar. Yes, you heard me correctly! For exactly twenty-four wonderful mornings, we got to wake up to a coffee snob’s paradise. By paradise, we mean that every chilly December morning, Onyx helped us countdown the number of days left until Christmas Eve with a uniquely packaged and numbered single origin coffee. Talk about getting into the jolly holiday spirit with a freshly made pour over! Watch out little santa chocolates because ‘tis the season for Onyx coffee.

Our overall the experience was deeply rewarding and offered the sort of challenges that any coffee lover would welcome, disregarding what level of knowledge you may or may not have. Onyx did an incredible job with reaching its audience to the fullest extent by making crazy-awesome coffee attainable for everyone. As one of the most well known roasters in the craft coffee world, Onyx emphasizes the importance of “never settling for good enough” and settle they did not. Provided in their calendar were 24 individually roasted single origins from six different countries and a guide as to how best engage in the process. To do this, they included two different categories of involvement. There was the, “I think this is fun and I want a good cup of coffee but also just want to press a button” recipe, and then the “I am so excited to try so many different origins and processing methods and varieties and I want to brew each one perfectly so I need to know every detail that goes into your Chemex recipe because I’m gonna be precise when making this” approach. For us, we chose the latter and ended up learning a lot about the different approaches to creating parameters and methodizing the dialing-in process. Simply a worthwhile time investment.


No matter which approach you choose, the Onyx Coffee Advent Calendar will provide you with 24 different incredible single origins to sample, which in our opinion is the absolute best way to usher in the Christmas season. But don’t let the new year stop you from giving this coffee a try. Learn more about Onyx coffee by checking out our Guide to Northwest Arkansas and our recent post about navigating the different Onyx locations


Happy Advent-uring!

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